GATOH MOVE PRO WRESTLING INTERVIEW : Emi Sakura on AEW Double or Nothing , Freddie Mercury and more !

Interviewer : Pumi
Editor : Dr.Gore

After making her American debut at All Elite Wrestling the past weekend, Emi Sakura has become a familiar name to wrestling fans. Not just because of her wrestling skill, but also because of her infamous yellow jacket; the same as what Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury wore in 1986 concert at Wembley.

I proudly present to you this interview, with the founder of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling. Our inspiration, Emi Sakura.

Q : Please introduce yourself to wrestling fans.
A : Hi! My name is Emi Sakura from Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling. Nice to meet you all.

Q : Wrestling fans love your Freddie Mercury-inspired costume a lot. What’s the story behind that?
A : Even though I have been in this business for a long time, to wrestle in a large venue like that seems to be my ‘once in a lifetime’ chance. So, I want to take that moment and make it memorable. I want to share my love for Queen to many people. That’s the main reason.

Q : Why do you like Freddie Mercury so much?
A : Honestly, I know him because of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and become a fan since. I think we have something in common and I’m sure many people who are Freddie’s fans think the same.

Q : What’s the common bond? Can you explain more?
A : I think it’s different for each person but to me, I love how he puts alot of his feelings into his music and performances. Same as in wrestling; I need to put my feelings into my techniques, my game plan. Something like that.

Q : How many times have you watch this movie?
A : 30 Times! I try to watch this movie in every countries I go. I watched it in Japan , Hong Kong , England and Singapore!

Q : That’s a lot! I can’t imagine how you felt when 13,000 fans in MGM Grand Garden Arena were clapping and singing ‘We Will Rock You’ together. I can see the camera shake! Incredible.
A : It was like a dream because there was so much pressure and concerns such as language barrier , the way we wrestle or how to engage with fans. But when I saw that, the barrier is broken. Everybody was united, together as one. I’m very happy.

Q : Let’s talk about Gatoh Move. Many fans wonder what it feel like to wrestle in front of 70 people when you just wrestled in front of 13,000 just days ago?
A : The point of Ichigaya (Gatoh Move homeground) is very unique. We are so close to the fans, the closest compare to any venue in the world. However, although AEW is very big but at the end of the show, I heard AEW said ‘we are family’ which is the same as what we said in Gatoh Move.

Q : Do u feel any pressure in expectations at AEW?
A : My pressure is to wear Freddie’s jacket again. At first I’m fine because maybe it was a one time chance. If it failed I can just stop (wearing the jacket). However, with these expectation, I can feel much more pressure from now on!

Q : Last Question, what is your favourite Queen’s song?
A : ‘The Show Must go On’ because it’s the exact same for all performers, both musician and wrestlers need to have this mindset.

Q : Thank you for your time !
A : No problem, please support Gatoh Move. Thank you so much !